If you’ve ever asked yourself or your buddies any of the following questions, you’re in the right place:

How do I learn about paramotors? Which is one is best?

What’s the best wing for my size?

What kind of helmet do I need?

How do I talk to my buddies while flying?

How do I determine of it’s a good flying day?

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I will bring you honest, informative interviews, articles, or video about those things you love or you’re curious about. Real unvarnished opinions or research.

I won’t accept paid articles from any vendor.  When you see an article here it’s because your asked me about it or to check it out.  Or, it’s part of my own learning journey.

I give away all of this to you.  I aim to make this your most trusted and informative resource for paramotor and paraglider information.


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I love flying.

My love of flying started in high school in a Cessna 150 with my dad.  I still vividly remember the thrill and bits of fear in going in that cramped little plane with what seemed like tin can thickness doors that bowed when I leaned on them.  I was pretty tall even then and I filled up the passenger side of that Cessna.

When it came time for college I sought out Navy and Air Force ROTC programs as a way to afford college and get the chance to become a military pilot.  The Air Force sent me a “rejected due to excessive height” letter but I made it just under the Navy’s height standard of 6’6″.

It was the ejection seat trainer in basic flight training in Pensacola that determined by flying options – as my legs were too tall for the seat.  “Helicopters or P-3s, which do you want to fly?” the training officer asked.  P-3s were the Navy’s four engine airliner sized aircraft that performed anti-submarine warfare and maritime patrol. I had the privilege to fly with great guys and pilots in Hawaii, Southeast Asia, Indian Ocean, and Middle East.

Four years ago on a family reunion  I happened by the Torrey Pines Gliderport in La Jolla, CA situated up on the cliffs above Black’s Beach which is known locally for its clothing optional sunbathing and people watching.  TPG is beautiful paragliding site with steady on-shore winds most of the year.  I signed up for a tandem ride and I was hooked.

I returned to TPG for P1 paragliding training and continued my P2 training in Salt Lake City at Point of the Mountain South/North.  A family move to a beach area in Florida prompted the addition of powered paraglider training and flying as there aren’t many hills to fly from at the beach.

So, join me on this journey and ask me any question you need answered.

I’ll find expert answers and report back to you.


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