Pensacola Beach Flying Curtailed

Avid Pensacola paramotor pilot Mike Penton reports there are major changes that affect paramotor flying in and around Pensacola Beach.

After multiple discussions and meetings with University of West Florida, Santa Rosa Island Authority and Escambia County Sheriffs Office an agreement was reached that allows paramotors to continue flying the island.  The biggest change is that after many complaints, the University of West Florida has now made all of its property off-limits to paramotor use. This action drastically reduces the landing area to about a third of what it once was. Additionally, the university has granted authority to the sheriff’s office to enforce any trespassing on their property.

The Sheriff’s office will enforce an Escambia county ordinance  that gives them the power to cite, arrest and or confiscate equipment of anyone flying in an unsafe manner – too close to anyone on the ground, cars, bicyclists, etc., and, if unsafe actions persist, they will shut down paramotoring permanently.

Pensacola Beach is owned by Escambia County and administered by the Santa Rosa Island Authority. The SRIA was created in 1947 and is charged with the responsibility of beach maintenance, development of recreation facilities, and adoption and enforcement of rules, regulations and improvements within this area.  

It is a privilege to fly from SRIA property, not a right as in most other county owned properties.

If you are planning a trip to Pensacola to fly, please contact Mike Penton or Danny DeWitt for specific details.  Mike is a frequent poster in the Paramotor group on Facebook.

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